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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why such a cheesy name?
A. There's a slightly boring (or moderately interesting story, depending on your view) behind the name. You see, when I was a kid, I was wowed by sites like CNet and Freeware Genius. I wanted to have a site of my own. I tried many other horribly cheesy names. Then after watching Spider-Man 2 for the hundredth time, the name TheTechSpider came to me and I went with it (another theory is that I named it after my favorite car the Ferrari 360 Spider).

2. Who is S?

A. S is whoever you think he is. He could be a douche with a computer. Or he could be a genius hacker with an IQ of 151.

3. What is this site all about?
A. It is about Linux, Android and other interesting services and facts. On my Linux related posts, I try to be as newbie friendly as possible.

4. What happened to the original site?
A.  Some of you may have seen the original TTS which I deleted for obvious reasons (too childish). It had a couple of good posts like the one on Copyscape and how to add a StumbleUpon button to your blog (which was somewhat of a miracle, since I did it without any knowledge of HTML). But overall, I found it really childish and so deleted it as it was going nowhere.

5. Why have you launched it again?
A. After some years, I tried my hand at blogging once again and got some (as in "very less but not zero") success. Encouraged, I decided to make a tech blog (once again). And had no idea what to name it (once again). Then suddenly I remembered the blog I had created years ago and deleted. So, as a homage to me of the past, I decided to name the site TheTechSpider (once again). But it sounds so cheesy, so I call it TTS. And I request you to do the same (PLEASE!)

4. What has changed since then?
A. The number one thing that has changed is my approach to things and my attitude. Mind you, the original TTS didn't contain words like "cool" and "awesome". It was very mature for the likes of a 13 year old. But for some reason, I still found it childish because, at that time, I was trying to ape Freeware Genius (who I idolize) and CNet. That was my biggest mistake. That won't happen this time. Over the years, I have developed a unique writing style of my own, which has received some mild applause. And again, the web is better without another Freeware Genius rip-off.

The number two most important change is the shift from MS Windows. Microsoft has continue to disappoint me with an onslaught of mediocre products like Vista, 7 and recently Windows 8 which I think is the nail in Windows' coffin. So now, I don't use Windows and most likely will not be using it in the near future. is largely irrelevant now.

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